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Capital Campaigns and Feasibility Studies


Planning to embark on a capital campaign? Thinking of a capital campaign but don’t know where to start? Let the experienced team at Wastyn & Associates help you determine if your organization and staff are ready for a successful capital effort, get them ready, and lead you, your board, and staff through the campaign process.


Capital Campaign and Feasibility Studies

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Capital Campaign and Feasibility Studies

+ Campaign Feasibility Study

A fundraising feasibility study identifies if sufficient wealth and interest exists to reach your fundraising goal. Concurrently, it engages key individuals in a meaningful way with your organization and planned projects, while testing your campaign case with potential major gift donors. Finally, it can determine if you have the internal staff, resources, and infrastructure to successfully manage a large capital effort.

Let Wastyn & Associates help you determine if a campaign feasibility study. Call us today for afree consultation.

+ Case Statement Writing

The foundation of any campaign effort - capital, annual, endowment or combined - rests on the foundation of the case statement: a persusasive document that outlines the benefits of your plan and reasons why a propective donor should support it.

The experienced team at Wastyn & Associates can help you think through the important elements of your case statement, write it for you, and work with Heather White Design to create attractive marketing pieces that communicate that case to your different audiences.

+ Capital Campaign Management

Once you plan your campaign - whether for a large capital improvement or to expand your annual fund, you need someone to manage the details. Wastyn & Associates has more than 20 years of campaign management experience that we bring to your organization.

From identifying major projects, board training, and campaign management, let Wastyn & Associates manage the process so your staff and volunteers can develop relationships with your donors, clients and potential clients, and bring in the money you need to make your ideas happen.