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Fundraising Planning and Implementation


Should you embark on a fundraising campaign? Let Wastyn & Associates and Heather White Design assess your readiness and develop a plan that meets YOUR unique circumstances. Then we stay with you to implement that plan and watch the money roll in!


Fundraising Resources & Classes

Check out our #FundraisingFriday videos, blog posts, classes and downloadable resources.


Fundraising Planning and Implementation Services

The first step in any fund development program – like for the organization as a whole – is to develop a plan to raise the money you need to make your ideas happen.

Fundraising strategies and ideas are never-ending; we help you determine which strategies will work best for you.

Wastyn & Associates reviews your current fundraising capacity and plans and, based on our years of experience, human motivation research and fundraising leading practices, develops an assessment and a plan to help you maximize your resources.

+ Fundraising Planning

A fundraising plan reviews key areas of fundraising success, such as:

  • the composition of your board of directors and other volunteers
  • your current database of clients and donors for their fundraising potential
  • your outreach to the corporate, foundation, and government funding communities
  • your marketing materials and perception by the community

Based on these data, we develop a plan to help you expand your existing donor pool and maximize the potential of your current donor pool.


Direct mail is not dead; you need an annual fund letter campaign as part of your overall fundraising strategy. Wastyn & Associates partners with Heather White Design to plan, write, design and mail your annual fund letters so you can spend your time meeting with and developing relationships with major donors.


Email solicitations have become an inceasingly important aspect of a comprehensive fundraising program. Let Wastyn & Associates partners with Heather White Design to plan, write, design and send your email solicitations, saving you time while you raise more money.

+ Online Giving Strategy

Is online giving for you? It depends. Let Wastyn & Associates figure out if online giving will help you raise more money. Then, working with Heather White Design, we can plan, design, and implement your online giving plan. You just count the money as it comes in!


Social media helps drive people to your website and other giving platforms while connecting them to your organization. A robust social media strategy requires a consistent message that fits your brand and goals. Working with Heather White Design, Wastyn & Associates can help you develop and implement a social media strategy to get you noticed and engage prospective donors.

+ Donor Stewardship

The number one reason donors don't give after a first gift? They don't know what a difference their first gift made for you and your organization. Let Wastyn & Associates plan and implement a donor stewardship plan that shows your donors what a difference their gifts made for your clients.

+ Printing and Mailing Coordination

As part of a fundraising plan, Wastyn & Associates can coordinate the printing and mailing of your annual fund appeal or stewardship piece.