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Strategic Planning Facilitation


Wastyn & Associates can help you figure out where your organization is today and help you design your desired future. Then we help you get there and evaluate your results.


Strategic Planning Resources

Check out our #FundraisingFriday videos, blog posts, classes and downloadable resources.


Strategic Planning Facilitation and Implementation

A comprehensive strategic plan helps you outline not just A future, but THE RIGHT future for your organization at this time. We don’t use a pre-packaged strategic planning approach but adjust to meet your unique needs.

+ Facilitation

Wastyn & Associates' experienced strategic planning facilitators take you, your staff, board and clients through a comprehensive process that is inclusive, participative, and based on your needs and desires. A well-designed and executed process builds group cohesion and trust, strengthens organizational loyalty and knowledge, and reinforces positive team dynamics. At Wastyn & Associates, we spend a lot of time assuring a healthy group process, taking the time needed to achieve consensus – without getting overinvolved in unimportant details. Participants look at the underlying assumptions of their positions to find consensus or compromise where they may not have realized commonality existed.

+ Environmental Scan Research

A good strategic plan places your organization within its broader environment: the clients you serve, your geographic community, and your industry. It helps you see how you can leverage your organization's strengths to take advantage of emerging opportunities that obviate pending threats or organizational weaknesses.

Our comprehensive strategic planning consultation works with you and your board to identify where you can excel, where gaps exist in the environment that you can fill, and how you can harness those strengths to take your organization to the next level.

+ Implementation and Evaluation

At Wastyn & Associates, we stay with you for one year after you complete a strategic plan, making sure the plan doesn't just sit on the shelf but your hard work gets implemented.

Already completed a planning process? Many strategic planning consultants leave you with a book full of great ideas that have large price tags, but they do not help you figure out how to grow your financial capacity to make these ideas happen. Let Wastyn & Associates help you expand your organization’s capacity to implement the ideas that are important for your organization’s success with fundraising planning, wealth identification, grants development, and leadership development to teach you, your board, and your volunteers how to get more done in less time.