One Easy Way to Build Better Relationships


What is one easy way to build better relationships?

Pick up the phone.

Too often we rely on email and text and other fairly simple and efficient and impersonal ways to communicate. There are times when those are appropriate but there are also times when nothing beats a good old-fashioned phone conversation.

So the next time you have something you want to talk over with someone or you just want to talk to a prospect or a donor and see how their day is going, remember, this little devise also allows you to talk to people.

So, pick up the phone, make their day and have a conversation about what it is you want to talk about. You will find that you have a better relationship. Because that idle chit chat you have at the beginning of the conversation: "Hey, how's your day going?" "What's the weather like there?" "How's your spouse?" become important parts of building that relationship that get lost when you always rely on email.