Pay Attention to Your Major Donors


This week's tip is to pay attention to your major donors. Your major donors are those individuals, corporations, and foundation who give the larger gifts to your organization.

For some, it might be $500, for other organizations it might be $5,000, $25,000 or even $50,000. You need to define for yourself what's a major donor.

And for those donors who give at that level or above, make sure you're giving them a lot of attention.

Ask they why they give those kinds of gifts.

Keep them involved in your organization and continue to show the difference their gift is making for you and, more importantly, your clients.

Major gift fundraising happens by building personal relationships with individuals who give either their own money, their corporation's money, or their foundation's money.

Read this week's Nonprofit Tips and Tidbits blog for a lighthearted look at how you can develop relationships with your major gift prospects. 

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