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GPA Webinar: Using Arguments To Improve Your Grant Application

Webinar Presented by M. Linda Wastyn, PhD

Imagine your average grant reviewer with a pile of papers on the desk and a full inbox. After putting out the emergencies of the day, the reviewer sits down to read a pile of applications, most of which sound very similar while some make no sense at all. The reviewer feels for the people these grants want to help but has no feel for the extent of the problems they discuss or if the proposed plan will work.

Want your application to stand out from the pile (for good reasons)?

You’ve heard you should tell a good story, but is a story enough? NO!

A story by itself does not provide enough information to warrant a grantor’s investment. You need to justify the need and solutions outlined in your story. That’s where arguments come in. Want your reviewers to finish reading the application without any questions about the worth and value of your project and proposal? Use arguments – with good data and claims! When done correctly, arguments provide all of the information that a reviewer needs to understand your need, your plan to meet that need, and why your approach will work to solve that need.

As a result of this program, attendees will learn how to craft and construct an effective grant application by understanding (1) how and why to use complete arguments in your application; (2) argument fallacies to avoid; and (3) common sources of the data you need to make a good argument.

Skill Level:
Advanced Career

Learning Track:
Proposal Development/Communication Skills

GPC Competencies:
HOw to craft, construct, and submit an effective grant application

CFRE & GPC Credits:
This webinar has been approved for one point towards the CFRE credential and one CEU towards the GPC credential.