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Discover the Keys to BIG Fundraising at a Small Nonprofit

You don’t have to have the staff of a multi-million dollar nonprofit to raise serious funds. We unlock the keys to efficient fundraising for new or small nonprofits with veteran fundraising pro, Linda Wastyn


  • Is your nonprofit wasting time with methods that don’t work? Linda Wastyn tells you what to STOP doing now.

  • What should be a small nonprofit’s top priorities in fundraising? We will explore the most effective ways to spend your limited time and resources for maximum fundraising.

  • How should your board of directors be contributing to fundraising goals? Join us as we discuss realistic expectations for board members, and actionable ways to involve them in raising funds.

  • Are you covering all the training needs your board and staff have around fundraising? Let’s talk about how you can prepare everyone for success in fundraising.

Later Event: March 6
Success in Fundraising