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Jayme Hansen

Administrative Support Specialist

Jayme provides overall administrative support for the Wastyn & Associates team.

Originally from Duluth, MN, Jayme has lived in Davenport for the past 19 years. She earned bachelor’s degrees in political science and speech communication from Macalester College and spent her early career working in the St. Paul Mayor’s office and the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce as Public Affairs Manager.

Jayme then took time to raise her family, and remains active on the Hilltop Campus Village Promotions Committee and on the following committees for the Davenport Schools: Local School Improvement Advisory Committee (LSIAC), Iowa Safe and Supportive School Core Team member, Grant Review Panel for grants submitted to the Scott County Regional Authority (SCRA), and Talented and Gifted (TAG) Planning Group (which advised administration on staffing levels). Most recently, Jayme served as a member of the United Way Community Impact Review Panel.